Erinwood III Feasts



Breakfast will be available Saturday and Sunday morning in the dining hall


Breakfast Menu


Fresh Baked Pastry, Croissants and Muffins

(with a few new surprises this year!)

Hard Boiled Eggs

Fresh Seasonal Fruit

An Assortment of Yogurt Cups

Fresh Brewed Coffee

Fruit Juice


Saturday Evening Feast Menu

Medieval  Islamic


On Your Tables

Zarbarbada of Fresh Cheese

and Red Pepper Hummus

served with Fresh made Flat Bread

An Assortment of Nuts, Olives, Mushrooms and Dried Fruit


Served Buffet Style


Chicken and Lavender Pies


Lamb Stew

Maqluba al Tirrikh

Fish Cakes

Steamed Asparagus

Roasted Goat


Wild Rice



Marzipan-stuffed Candied Dates

Ma'amoul - a semolina cookie filled with sugared walnuts flavored with rose and orange flower waters 
Naan-Berenji  - a rice flour cookie flavored with rose water 
Naan-Gerdooee - a sweet made with crushed walnuts, egg yolks, sugar and vanilla 
Merengues - flavored with rose water and almond 


Sunday Evening

7 Deadly Sins


By Gianetta del Benne



Prociutto & melon

Fresh Figs

Sausage – pheasant, cognac, hazelnut or smoked venison


Beef with horseradish and mustard

Onions stuffed with almonds, walnuts, herbs, bread, cloves, cinnamon, garlic

Artichokes or Green Beans

Hot Chocolate (period recipe with chiles)


Flatbread, Smoked Salmon or Ham, Butter, Pickles

(make your own sandwich, because we’re not making them)

Cold Strawberry Soup


Puff pastry towers with chicken filling

Subtlety - rice castle with firebreathing trout

Salad of fresh greens


(a palate cleanser and digestif)

Dried marmelet of peaches

Marzipan coins

Golden Apples (meatballs)

Devilled Eggs

Yellow sliced Tomatoes


the envy of the small for the big
the envy of the large against the small and dainty
the wild (game) vs the domesticated animal
Smoked Turkey surrounded by grilled quail

Large roasted carrots and small baby carrots cooked with honey and mint

Prawns vs Shrimp (for non turkey/game eaters)


Sour cherries reduced in port served on biscotti rounds

Spiced or Candied Nuts

Pastilles (sugar candies)

Seasonal Fruit

Quince Paste